Shirley Sinnott Bio PicShirley earned her BA and MA from the University of Northern Iowa, and has worked in the field of Education/Special Education for 40 years prior to retiring in the spring of 2015.  As a teacher, Shirley taught in resource and self-contained special education programs at the elementary and junior high levels.  After 19 years of teaching, Shirley continued her work in special education as a special education consultant with AEA 267. She has also served as an adjunct instructor for Upper Iowa University-Waterloo Center, teaching special education classes, and currently volunteers as a mentor in a local school. Shirley is a former LDA-Iowa Board member and previously co-chaired several state conferences. She says she is excited to be returning to the Board and wants to continue to use her knowledge and experience to provide advocacy and support for families and individuals with learning disabilities.
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