41st Annual Conference – Oct. 21-22, 2012

2012 conference postcard front



SUNDAY ~ Christian Moore:  “Flipping the Resiliency Switch”

Christian Moore is an internationally renowned speaker, licensed clinical social worker, and the founder of the WhyTry Program. Growing up, Christian struggled as an inner-city kid with severe learning disabilities. After receiving his Master’s in social work, he created WhyTry as resource for kids who battle the same problems he did.


MONDAY~Kenn Kington:  “A Dyslexic Comedian”

Kenn didn’t let a reading disability get in the way of his dreams!  After earning a marketing degree, he worked for a Fortune 500 company until leaving to pursue a career in comedy.  He has performed on Comedy Central and for live audiences nationwide. His passion is to encourage people by speaking from his heart and life as he shares timeless truths in a hilariously funny way.

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