2019 Scholarships

Congratulations to Emma Roney, recipient of the LDA-IA 2019 Scholarship!
Emma attends North Iowa High School and will attend college to obtain a nursing degree.

Application Form
The Learning Disabilities Association of Iowa (LDA-IA) will award two scholarships to Iowa high school seniors who plan to enroll in post-secondary education (college or vocational) in the fall of 2019.
DESCRIPTION The scholarships are to assist graduating seniors with learning disabilities in pursuing post-secondary education at an accredited institution which provides:
  a two or four-year college program, or
•  vocational training

*  Verification of a learning disability is required. *  Students served solely under Section 504, or with primary disabilities other than LD (e.g. Autism), will not be eligible for these scholarships. *  Students who will continue to be served by an IEP in a 4 + 1 or fifth-year program to attend college will not be eligible for these scholarships.

NUMBER AND AMOUNT Two scholarships valued at $500 each will be awarded:
•  AT-LARGE SCHOLARSHIP: One scholarship will be offered to students graduating from any Iowa high school.   SIOUX CITY SCHOLARSHIP:  One scholarship will be offered to a student graduating from a Sioux City, Iowa, high school.
•  Preference will be given to applicants who meet one of the following requirements:
♦  Applicant is a current member of LDA-Iowa
♦  Applicant’s parent is a current member of LDA-Iowa
♦  Applicant is recommended in writing by a current member of LDA-Iowa

Information about LDA membership is available on the website: http://ldaiowa.org/membership. Annual dues include membership in the Learning Disabilities Association of America and LDA-IA.

PAYMENT PROCEDURES After receiving proof of enrollment, a check for $150 payable to the student will be sent. After receiving proof that the recipient has completed vocational training or the first full-time year of study, the remainder of the scholarship, $350, will be paid to the student. APPLICATION DEADLINE Scholarship recipients will be selected from applications that have been postmarked no later than March 30, 2019. Scholarship winners will be announced on the LDA-IA website (www.ldaiowa.org) on May 8th.

Questions? Contact Scholarship Co-Chair Patty Beyer:

Phone: 712-368-4847 Email: pbeyer33@gmail.com