Northwest Iowa

Adult and Child Testing for LD in the Sioux City Area

Information current as of Feb. 29, 2020.


Family Services Inc., Sioux City. 712-293-4900.  Do not do testing for adult or child LD.

Seasons Center for Behavioral Health, Spencer. They have 13 locations in northwest Iowa. 800-242-5101.  Do not do testing for LD. They used to do testing, but their clinical psychologist, Dr. Natalie Sandbulte, has left.  Sounds like Dr. Sandbulte may be setting up a practice in Milford.  If so, she might possibly do the adult and child testing; however, there is no confirmation on Dr. Sandbulte info as of now.

Voc-Rehab, Sioux City. 712-255-8871. I talked to Amanda.  They do not do the testing for adult or child, but if a person needs it for eligibility for voc-rehab, they MIGHT pay for the testing…maybe.  (Would probably need to be an intellectual disability waiver)

Associates for Psychological & Therapy Services, 1106 Historic 4th St., Suite 205, Sioux City.  712-252-1473.

They do not do testing for LD.  Dr. Baker used to do the testing but not now.  Dr. Baker could do testing for ID (intellectual disability) waivers which would involve IQ and Adaptive tests. 


Stokes & Associates, 401 Douglas St., Suite 215, Sioux City.  712-222-1432.

Dr. Angela Stokes, PH.D, clinical psychologist, does testing for adult and child LD. They try their best to work with insurance companies. The process involves an hour interview and three to four hours of testing.  It takes three to four weeks to complete the written report after the testing depending on if a record review is needed.  

The charge for a full IQ battery with a report would be billed to the insurance company at $1200-$1800.  If the person is a private pay, the cost will be lower.

Plains Area Mental Health Center, Le Mars. 712-546-4624, ext. 2108. For more information contact Roxy at this number.

They have a psychologist who does the testing for adult and child LD. The person MUST have a referral from a medical doctor, DHS caseworker or similar social services provider in order to get the testing.

Testing involves a mental status evaluation which takes about an hour and a half.  The rest of the testing takes a couple hours. He does a WAIS (measures adult cognitive ability) or WISC (intelligence test for children between ages of six and 16), and VIneland (measures personal and social skills of adults from birth through adulthood) or VADS (test of short term memory), and information processing tests. Testing takes a couple hours.

They try to work with insurance companies; it depends on the policy. They take Medicare and Medicaid.

The cost for the testing is all time based.  The initial mental status evaluation is $225, and the testing and report writing is $250 per hour.  (Call Roxy for a more specific time estimate.)

The testing can be done at any of the 14 Plains Area locations in Northwest Iowa.

They do testing for children:

Ages four and above for LD;

Ages three and above for autism;

Ages six and above for ADHD.