2015 Conference

44th Annual LDA-IA Conference: Oct. 25-26, 2015, Airport Holiday Inn, Des Moines

IN GOOD COMPANY: Iowa Learning Disabilities Association, Iowa Dyslexia Association-and You!

Sunday’s Keynote Speaker: Larry Orrach, M.Ed.
                                     “The Common Core, aka College and Career Readiness Standards”

Larry Orrach is a member of the Board of Directors of the International Dyslexia Association (IDA). He has just finished a 44 year career as a public school educator with 31 of those years spent as a Director of Curriculum and Instruction. Larry learned the about the research on effective reading instruction through his affiliation with IDA. In conjunction with members of Northern Ohio IDA, he has provided professional development programs for reading teachers in his own schools and for teachers across Northern Ohio.

Monday’s Keynote Speaker: Edwin Ellis, Ph.D.

“Visualizing Disciplinary Thinking in Differentiated Classrooms”
Edwin Ellis is a Research Partner at the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning and Professor Emeritus at the University of Alabama. Dr. Ellis has conducted research on strategic instruction for over 35 years and has worked extensively putting that research into practice. He has authored numerous books and journal articles and is a 5-time best-selling author.   Read More

Presenters & Handouts