LDA-IA 45th Annual Conference

October 23-24, 2016, Holiday Inn Airport Conference Center, Des Moines

“I AM SMART!  Showcasing Strengths and Dealing with Difficulties”

Sunday’s Keynote Speaker: Artist P. Buckley Moss

Patricia Buckley was born on May 20th, 1933, in the Richmond Borough of New York City. She was the second of three children of an Irish American/Sicilian marriage. In grade school, young Patricia was perceived as a poor student, a circumstance probably attributable to dyslexia which is a generally misunderstood reading and perceptional “disorder”. Nonetheless, one of her teachers determined that this little girl who was “Not Proficient In Anything” was artistically gifted. This outside opinion helped to convince Pat’s mother to enroll her daughter in an extraordinary public school for girls in downtown Manhattan: the Washington Irving High School for the Fine Arts. It was there, in what obviously was a friendly learning environment, that Pat’s artistic abilities were finally encouraged and seriously nourished.


Monday’s Featured Speaker: Suzanne Lang, Manager of  Partnerships, Understood.org 
Suzanne Lang is the manager of partnerships for Understood at the Poses Family Foundation (PFF). Prior to joining PFF, Suzanne was a program associate at the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation, where she led their learning disability initiative. She has a degree in art education from Southern Connecticut State University and has won several awards for her watercolor paintings.
A passionate advocate for children, she established a local support group for parents and an advisory board to special education in her community. She is the mother of two wonderful children. Her son Alec is the inspiration for her work in the field of learning and attention issues.
Read one of Suzanne’s blog entries here.
Understood.org is a free comprehensive resource that was created by 15 nonprofits to empower parents of the 1 in 5 children who have learning and attention issues. These brain-based issues can affect reading, writing, math, concentration, organization, listening comprehension, social skills, motor skills or a combination of these. Kids with learning and attention issues are as smart as their peers and with the right support can succeed in school and in life.
Available in English, Spanish and read-aloud mode, Understood offers personalized resources, not only for parents, but for educators and other professionals, children, and adults with learning disabilities. There are interactive tools, daily access to experts, a supportive community of parents and more. Understood launched in October 2014, won the 2015 Webby Award for best family/parenting site and has welcomed more than 16 million unique visitors.

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           P. BUCKLEY MOSS PRINT RAFFLE: One Room Schoolhouse