Area Education Agencies

Each AEA,  in partnership with the local school districts, strives to provide opportunities for all children to be successful. Even so, some children experience difficulties during their school careers. The  problem solving that schools and AEAs in the state of Iowa participate in may happen at any time during the school year. Some schools may call it a referral system, SAT (Student assistance team), etc. No matter what the name is, this team of professionals are looking at your child individually to address your child’s needs through an intervention. At any time in the process, if you (parents) believe your child may have a disability and need special education services, you can make a referral to your child’s teacher or principal.

In Iowa, when problem solving is implemented on a schoolwide basis, it is called a  Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS). MTSS offers a school-wide framework for problem solving to meet the needs of all students.

If student needs become more intense, it becomes increasingly more important that the problem-solving process, instructional design and progress monitoring procedures become more rigorous and formalized. Again, at this time a disability may be suspected and a Full and Individual Evaluation may be warranted. At this point, parents would need to give written consent to move forward. Along with consent parents will receive a copy of the Procedural Safeguards Manual.

Each AEA conducts the Full and Individual Evaluation, and consideration for special education services rely on the data collected from the rate of progress, the discrepancy from peers in the area(s) of concern and the educational needs of the student in the area(s) of concern.

If concerns arise, contact your child’s teacher, school principal, or local Area Education Agency (AEA) that are listed below.

Heartland AEA

Phone: 800-362-2720

Prairie Lakes AEA

Phone: 712-335-3588

Green Hills AEA

Phone: 844-366-0503

Northwest AEA

Phone: 800-352-9040

Grant Wood AEA

Phone: 800-332-8488

Great Prairie AEA

Phone: 800-382-8970

Keystone AEA

Phone: 563-245-1480

Central Rivers AEA

Phone: 800-542-8375

Mississippi Bend AEA

Phone: 800-947-2329