What is First Teacher of Iowa?

First Teacher is a project organized and implemented by the Learning Disabilities Association of Iowa. As we all know, parents are a child’s first teacher and much learning happens before a child ever enters a formal education program.

The goals of the First Teacher Project include the following:

  1. Empower parents with free resources for providing a stimulating, positive learning environment in the home in order to improve school readiness and learning outcomes.
  2. Provide parents with information about learning milestones so that learning difficulties can be identified and early interventions provided.
  3. Partner with parents, agencies and organizations to disseminate First Teacher resources including face-to-face meetings, modeling of strategies, etc.
  4. Provide quick access to free resources for educators to share with parents that they work with.
  5. Empower parents with information about learning disabilities so that they are able to better advocate for their child.
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