How Much Do You Know About Learning Disabilities?

October is Learning Disabilities Awareness Month

What is Learning Disabilities Awareness Month?  This is a time to share information and awareness about Learning Disabilities. Take this short quiz to find out how much you know about Learning Disabilities!

True or False

_____  1.  One in five kids has learning/attention issues.

_____  2.  With the right instruction and support, kids with learning disabilities can reach their full potential.

_____  3.  Individuals with learning disabilities have average to above average intelligence.

_____  4.  Learning disabilities tend to run in families.  It is a brain-based condition.

_____  5.  The term “Twice Exceptional” refers to being gifted and having learning disabilities.

_____  6.  Learning disabilities are not the product of the type of home environment in which a child is raised.

_____  7.  About 50% of people believe that “learning disabilities” is just a label for laziness.

Answers:  These are all TRUE.

If you want to learn more about learning disabilities, check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and our website.  LDA Iowa board members are available to share information and offer help.  We can help and you can too!  Consider joining, volunteering or donating to LDA Iowa today!