Co-Occurring Disorders of a Learning Disability: What You Should Know

  • 1 in 5 students in the US have learning and attention difficulties
  • 50% of students diagnosed with LD have one or more co-occurring types of LD or other mental health disorders
  • 80% of students diagnosed with LD have dyslexia
  • 30-40% of students diagnosed with dyslexia also have a math disability or dyscalculia
  • 70-75% of students with a writing disability or dysgraphia also have dyslexia
  • 25-40% of students with dyslexia also have attention difficulties or ADHD
  • 30% of students with dyslexia also have an anxiety disorder

Why is it important to know this information? When a school problem is first identified and brought to the attention of the problem-solving team, it is important that other areas of difficulty also be considered and addressed. Furthermore, if a disability is suspected and consent for evaluation given, the evaluation team must provide what is called a “full and comprehensive evaluation.” A comprehensive evaluation needs to be thorough and take into consideration the high probability of other co-occurring conditions. To learn more about comprehensive evaluations, click here.